Jun 13, 2011

The New Mortal Kombat

Well color me surprised. The new Mortal Kombat is actually good and fun.

What's different this time? well for instance, it isn't trying to be something it isn't. In previous games they tried to do stuff like going for 3-d movement, or adding changeable fighting styles, or weapons, and other gimmicks. My response? a profuse yawn.

What this new Mortal Kombat is, is just what makes Mortal Kombat good. Loads of blood, Gore with a touch of ridiculousness, a 2-d plane, and simple but fun mechanics. This MK isn't trying to be Soul Calibur, nor is it trying to have the depth of gameplay of street fighter 4. It's just good old fun MK.

They did add a couple of new toys. The Special Bar allows to power up special moves, to brek combos, or to perform a devastating X-ray move. The X-Ray moves are completely awesome, they pack a lot of hurt, and you can do them over and over again and never get tired of seeing those bones crunching or those internal organs exploding.

The Fatalities are the best the franchise has seen since MK2. Gory, splashy and satisfying. Also, this game boast one of the best Story modes I've ever played in a fighting game besides some of the soul calibur games.

Some of the characters I felt they could have done away with, like that stryker who looked like a dumbass back in MK3 and still does, or Sheeva who always was a pushover and still is. But for the most part, all the characters feel good and fun to play.

If this is the new road MK has decided to take then I see a bright future for it. This game isn't on par with SF4 or MvC3, but it is close when it comes to fun factor. Worth a try.


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