So after the frustration and disappointment that was beating FF13, I decided to go back and beat FF12. I never beat it back in the days, I don't remember why cuz I did get very far in the game.

Anyhoo, I'm having a blast with it. After ff13 I guess even the worst RPG will seem like heaven, but I think ff12 gets right what ff13 tried to do and failed.

As i said in my post-mortem, the FF12 battle system is similar to that of FF13, only that in this one you actually can stop and think for a while. You can issue specific orders to you party members, or let them go by themselves and act as configured by their gambits.

The world is Huge, it's also a bit linear, but never just a straight corridor with no turning back. You have exploration, backtracking, sidequests that don't necessarily involve KILLING something, etc.

It's as if Square took the great things about FF12 and disfigured them into some Frankenstein monster for ff13.

Anyways I'm hoping to actually beat it this time around, if my time with this borrowed PS2 allows.

In other news (but on the same topic) I watched the trailer for FF13-2 yesterday. "Shaking my head and sighing for one minute" sums my reactions.

Now I raise my coffee mug , here's to the old days where a new FF used to interest me.


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