Nov 30, 2009

Coming back...

Well it's been quite a long time since I posted anything here.

I doubt anyone reads it anyways but here goes:

I have a new job now, I'm quite enjoying it, I am working with friends, its a nice place, and I am doing what I like to do.

Besides that, I've been playing a little game named Torchlight. At first glance, it looks like a diablo clone, and it is, but can you really call it a clone if its made by the people behind diablo 1 and 2?

Anyways, unlike the many other diablo clones out there, this one gets the gameplay just right. The loot, the monsters, the spells, the satisfying feel of upgrading your character, the solid gameplay, it's all just very well done. The game is small, compared to modern games that take a whole dvd, this one could fit nicely in a cd, but what it lacks on jaw-dropping cinematics or tons of spoken dialog, it boasts personality and solid, engaging gameplay. For people who loved diablo 2 and have been waiting for a game that just plays like it but looks and feels updated, this is as good as it gets, that is, until diablo 3 arrives. The game is just tight.