I rarely use this blog for pimping out my music (well, rarely use it at all) but I think I'm gonna start doing so, since I have some neat stuff coming up and I've been more active in the remixing community.

First, I want to share one of the mixes I'll be contributing to the Street Fighter 25th anniversary Music Tribute.  It's a Dubstep-like remix of the Cammy and Ken themes in Super Street fighter 2.

Second, I'll share this Chiptune-style Remix of the Battlefield 3 theme I made some time ago.  People seemed to enjoy it:

I will be doing a couple of mixes more for the Street fighter tribute, and I will be sharing them soon.  In the meantime, enjoy these.

A few months ago, I decided to go and beat every classic mega man in order. I gotta, say it's amazing how Capcom nailed the Mega Man formula so early. Really, it only needed minor adjustments (which were made in Mega Man 2) in order to make it the perfect platforming experience.

Anyways, I wanted to reiterate my view on Mega Man's difficulty. People were crying about Mega Man 9 when it came out and how hard it was. Well I'll tell you this: after playing through every single Mega Man there is, I find Mega Man 9 to actually be one of the easiest in the series, no joke.

And this actually was my first thought when playing the game for the first time, and I couldn't understand why people were crying so much about it. They whined so much that capcom even introduced an "easy as pie" mode for Mega Man 10.

Mega Man 9 is about as easy as Mega Man 2 (which is one of the easier ones, although my personal favorite). Go play some Mega Man 3, 4, or 6 and tell me with a straight face that Mega Man 9 is ZOMFGHARD. And i won't even mention Mega Man 8, which took the difficulty to ridiculously high levels.

Gamers nowadays seem to have been spoiled by extremely complacent modern games. Nowadays most games don't even really have a game over screen, you can just always start form the last save point or some crap, which is like 10 feet from where you died. I mean, yes some old school games were ridiculously hard with one hit deaths and no continues, etc. But I think games like Mega Man have the right difficulty that makes you play again even if you're losing, because you know you aren't losing because of cheap deaths or bad controls. You're losing because you suck and need to play to get better at this game.

Anyways, it was a blast.