Nov 23, 2010

Goldeneye Wii

It's been a long time since I posted anything here.

Mostly because what I usually talk about over here are new movies I've just seen (and I haven't been to the theater in ages) or new stuff in World of Warcraft (Which I haven't played with any kind of consistency in ages as well).

What have I been doing then? well, catching up to some Wii titles, sick at home because an incredibly resilient flu, and playing League of Legends quite a bit. The game is excellent, really. Check it out.

So I heard activision was remaking Goldeneye. Activision is a company that has been famous lately in the industry for being the "new EA". Churning out sequel after sequels, milking out franchises dry until they are a carcass of their former self. This made me think this game was going to be a quick cash-in, and yet another desecration of something that has a lot of nostalgic value for some people. But, turns out it wasn't that way at all.

A little backstory: I was a n64 kid. I didn't have a playstation, so most of the games I played on the n64-saturn-playstation generation were n64 games. Some of them, I played for hours on end. Beating them from start to finish countless times. Mario 64, Zelda Ocarina of time, Star Fox 64, and of course, Goldeneye.

I gotta say, I wasn't expecting a game that was EXACTLY like the old goldeneye. But if you're expecting something even closely resembling it, you will be disappointed. This game is just not goldeneye. The feel of the game, is certainly not goldeneye. The story is different, the layout of the maps is completely different, the characters are different, the weapons, etc. You can't shoot enemies in the hand and see them grab the wounded hand in pain, or the foot, or the groin. You can't see blood stains in the part of the enemy that you shoot. There are no trip mines, remote mines, laser watch, or ANY gadget from goldeneye. You can't dual wield.

This is not Goldeneye. Not the movie, not the old game.

This is Call of Duty with a James Bond license. The weapons feel like call of duty, the engine is call of duty's engine, the enemies act like call of duty enemies, The cinematics are clearly made by the call of duty team. Seriously, if you've ever played any call of duty game, you will see through the James bond cover right away.

However, this is a really good shooter.

And it's on the Wii, which REALLY lacks good shooters. The feel of a james bond movie (not goldeneye tho!) is there. The missions are fun, the weapons too, it's all very fun. The melee takedown system is really, really fun, and I was trying to sneak through the enemy lines using takedowns as much as possible because it was so darn fun.

This is a great game for the Wii. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO BE GOLDENEYE. It's just not. It was all a marketing ploy, which is to be expected from Activision. However, I didn't expect them to deliver a fun game, but they did, and that makes up for trying to fool us using nostalgia as an excuse.

A 4/5 game for me. Give it a chance.


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