Given the outrageous, utter disgraceful boodle of poopie that was The Last Airbender, I decided to remember, and arrange a top ten of tv to movie adaptations (That i've seen so far).

This list is not objective, as I'm basing it on the entertainment value I got out of them, but I can assure you that any movie I list here will be much, much more enjoyable than TLA.

10-South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
This one will be on this list because... well, there aren't many tv to film adaptations that I can put here and won't make me look like a complete moron (most of them will only make me look like a partial moron). South Park can be funny sometimes. Sometimes they even deliver deep messages to the audience, but more often than not you have to navigate through a whole lot of bad jokes, irreverent stuff just for the sake of being irreverent, and other in-your-face contraptions.

It wasn't an adaptation per se, more like a very long episode, but an epic one at that.

9-The Little Rascals
A bunch of kids trying to act is almost always an awful experience. They're kids after all. But most of the kids here manage to stay so adorable in their roles that I can't hate them.

I used to like this movie a lot when I was younger. I bet I won't like it much right now, but I can also bet that I will enjoy it more than the likes of mission impossible, naked gun, and of course, The last airbender.

8-Wayne's World
I was born in the early 80's, but I remember the 90's the most from my childhood, and this movie practically embodies what the 90's were about.

Also, this movie was made when Mike Myers was still funny.

Oh Bruno, Bruno. You are an amazing guy, always looking for the best ways to make me feel incredibly uncomfortable, but amused at the same time. This is not a movie for the easily offended, and not even for the hardly offended.

Also this movie will make you at least 30% gayer.

This movie should probably be lower but what the hell. Michael Bay, blah blah, explosions, blah blah, shaky camera, robots taking a leak on federal agency guys, etc. yeah yeah it's a mediocre film. But here's the thing: IT HAS OPTIMUS PRIME.

What do you say? the transformers look like crap? what? I cant hear you over OPTIMUS PRIME'S BOOMING VOICE RADIATING AWESOMENESS EVERYWHERE.

5-The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
Spongebob is completely awesome and nothing you say can make me think otherwise. Spongebob is the greatest animated troll ever conceived and for that I applaud him.

This movie also has david hasselhoff and his missile-launching pecs, if you're into that kind of thing. Also, this movie has this completely unexpected and totally awesome guitar solo. Mind = blown.

4-The Simpsons: The Movie
You can say this movie was like an extended simpsons episode, and it kinda was, but it was funny, it was entertaining, and at some times, it felt like the OLD, simpsons. Remember those, when they were actually funny and witty?

The film looked very sharp and well animated, it was good entertainment.

3-The blues brothers(Both!)
Wait, I got the title wrong. This movie's real name is THE FUCKING BLUES BROTHERS, that's right, in all caps and all.

Here are some of the mind-blowingly awesometastic things you will find in this movies:
-John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman
-James fucking Brown
-The Blues brothers doing a music number with Aretha Franklin
-The blues brother sing Jailhouse rock inside a prison.
-A gazillion of police cars were demolished in a single car chase scene
-The blues brothers sing rowhide in a redneck pub.
-The blues rothers doing a music number with Aretha Franklin, AGAIN. And this time is "RESPECT".
-Eric Clapton

I don't think I need to say more.

2-The Addams Family
For an adaptation of a tv show that was an adaptation of a comic strip, this movie was entertaining. It had Raul Julia, which automatically makes any movie 100% better, Anjelica Houston as the best representation of Morticia ever, and crazy time-travelling scientist turned crazy bald guy Christopher Lloyd.

The movie was certainly darker than the original series, but it retained the style of humor and the personalities of the characters. Wednesday didn't really have much character until this movie was made.

I like to watch the original series on TV whenever I can, as the original had a style of humor that was sometimes subtler than what was the norm for that time. The film adaptation is a good representation of the original, albeit a little less funny.

1-Star Trek(Any!!!... well, mostly Wrath of Kahn and the last reboot...)
This is maybe a biased choice... but hey, THEY ALL ARE!. Star Trek had the advantage of having the cast from the series available for the movies, which some adaptations like The Addams Family didn't have, but they managed to get all the elements that make the show good and pack them into a movie.

With the reboot, new territory was explored, with more successful results than failures. But Most of the movies are sucessful in bringing that Star Trek feel to the big screen, which is what everyone is looking for.

And that's it. These movies have these things in common: 1-They respect the source material, 2-They are entertaining 3-They might have bad script, bad actors, bad plot, bad directing, or 0 entertainment value, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME!

Picking these was hard because most of the tv to movie adaptations are pretty mediocre, but they're not awfully shitty ass bad, like, you know, some other movies.


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