Jun 24, 2010


Every way you go, every website you visit, the common theme is The World Cup. Even in countries like mine, where Football isn't popular at all, everyone seems to be all over it. There's another common theme going on in the interwebs lately, and that is how the vuvuzelas are the most annoying thing ever.

I didn't know what was a vuvuzela, until I decided to look up a video of someone played them on youtube. To my surprise, these are the same kind of trumpets used in baseball games, carnival, concerts, and other events in my country. Are people really new to these loud things? There are even louder ones made of metal!. I don't find them annoying at all, I actually find them to be a part of any big sports event. I was baffled that people around the world have never heard of them! Even more, people complaining about hearing them in the tv transmission.

Anyhoo, hurray for the "vuvuzelas", for they make loud events even louder!


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