So other than the internet I can access at work (which is where I've been posting shit from), I have been disconnected for like 2 weeks now. My ISP is the ultimate form of SUCK, but it's the only one that can provide the service around my area. But since it isn't working anyways, I might as well cancel it and start carving drawings in caves.

Aside from that, it has been an... interesting week. I was sick for most of the week of something that must be the ultimate boss form of the swine flu, which didn't let me sleep at night at all. I got a memo graciously telling me that for the next 2 months or so I have to work 3 or more extra hours a day to get a project done before the deadline. Then my car decided that I wasn't having enough of a rough time so he blew up 2 tires, one of them twice. Then there's this guy who thought that going up the wrong way while I was taking out my car out of parking at 2 am in the morning was TOTALLY AWESOME hit me and broke one of my car's tail lights. Oh, and my rock band 2 save file got corrupted just yesterday, right when I got my wii back after 3 weeks without playing it.

Needless to say, I'm in a GREAT MOOD. Oooooh yeah you bet your ass I am. I encourage everyone I know to call me right now and ask me to lend them money, or to do them a favor I wouldn't normally do, or heck, if you ever made out with one of my girlfriends while we still were in a relationship, this is also an awesome time to confess.


Rheiachis said...

Hello! Just an internet stranger with something to say! I hope that by now things have gotten better for you - what an awful week.

I haven't listened to most of your work yet, but for quite some time I've been wanting to pay you my respect for your remix 'High Above the Sky' in Hedgehog Heaven, so here goes. I hope it's not too vague or boring.

Sky Chase Zone was my childhood favorite, (simply because as a kid I was terrified of killing Sonic and I had no boss to fear, how lame!) I love what you did with it. In my opinion, a good remix works outside the box and takes the song to new places while retaining its sense of self. I feel you have done just that, and the result is a wonderfully bright yet nostalgic piece.
It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

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